We store our project at GitHub (
If you are interested, you can help with whatever you want.

Here's a simple tutorial how it's done:

First of all, create an account at
Then go to our project repository and click on button "Fork".

Cloning, setting remote

1. Open git console, get to the path where you want to place the project and run git clone (replace "yourusername" with your own) 2. Set upstream to our repository by typing git remote add upstream

Commiting and pushing

To see what files you have changed type git status a) - If you want to push all the changed files type git add -A - Then commit your changes by typing git commit -am "commit message" - And finally push it to your repository git push origin master b) - If you want to push only one file type git add [filename] - Then commit this file by typing git commit -m "commit message" - And push it git push origin master

Downloading changes from main repository

To keep your repository updated, run git pull upstream master


  1. You should push this project to github, it would be easier to contribute for other developers

    1. Actually I have no idea how to do it, I'm going to try to make one so more people can help!

      Thanks for your feedback!

      Register there, and follow install instructions

  2. I might be able to help with this. It really depends on what you need. I am well familiar with Python and I feel comfortable using it but, I am not sure what your level is in that sense.

    I could also help with graphical aspects though it seems to me that you already have all the icons you need.

    Contact me at

    1. Hi, you can contribute with whatever you want. Actually, we need programmers so feel free to send a pull request to github or if you find any bug, open new issue.

      // Adman

  3. hi maybe I can help you with stellar evolution. I have experience in creating games in GML, and Python using pygame.
    And I like that someone wants to create a program similar to Game Maker under a free license.

    You can contact me: