Sunday, March 30, 2014

Back on track!

After a hiatus, Stellar continues its development. We recently opened this new website with a refreshing look.
The development of the IDE is going well. Our main goal is to have a usable product and extend from there. The script editor is one of our main goals for now. We've been working on it to perform as expected, so if you are used to other editors, like Sublime Text, you won't feel lost. Having a comfortable coding experience is a priority, after having the Stellar's coding side solved, everything will be automating tasks for the end user.
The tools are going to work with different views. You will be able to see the source code of the file you are editing (xml, ini, json) or you can display it as a simple UI. So you don't need to learn how to edit them using a text editor.

There are still many things to hack so
Let's get started!
Emilio Coppola.

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