Monday, August 12, 2013

SGE 0.4.0 + Diaspora account

Hi there, onpon4 here once again.

I don't know much about what's going on with the GUI, hopefully Emilio will post an update of that soon. I'm still working on the room editor.

In any case, I've released version 0.4.0 of SGE. You can find it at There's a WHATSNEW file distributed with it now, so read that for a detailed list of changes, but these are the most notable changes:
  • Added methods for saving screenshots.
  • Added simple modal dialog boxes.
  • Reworked how speaker balance is controlled for sounds and music.
  • Collision detection is now much more efficient (the new method is twice as fast as the old method).
  • Better documentation provided in HTML rather than plaintext (generated with Sphinx).
 In other news, I've opened a Diaspora account for Stellar. Its ID is I don't know how important it will end up being, but for now I'm posting updates there when they happen.

I'll try to finish the room editor as quickly as I can. It's taking longer than it should because it's not a fun experience (mostly because I still haven't gotten it to a runnable state; getting something to run is a lot less fun than improving something that already runs), but since I need the damn thing, I'll finish it. Once it's ready, I'll be distributing the room editor alongside another script as a set of tools to help develop games with SGE, as a more minimal alternative to the full GUI Emilio and the others are working on.

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