Thursday, February 14, 2013

Stellar Game Engine gets its first alpha release!

Hello there! This is onpon4 writing again, except this time, it might come as a surprise to Emilio and Adman.

I have bundled what is in the Git repo for the Stellar Game Engine (SGE) into a ZIP archive to release it as the first alpha version of SGE. I haven't been able to talk much about this with the others, so for now, I've uploaded it to MediaFire. You can download it here:

In case the question is floating around in your head, I don't think another alpha release of the GUI is going to coincide with this alpha release of the engine. It wouldn't make sense right now because the GUI doesn't actually use the engine yet, mostly because there are still a lot of things missing and a lot of fixes to the interface itself needed. But I'm releasing this early alpha of SGE so you can see some of its progress. Already it is powerful enough for a decent Pong game, and a basic example showing off some of the features is included.



  1. Hey guys, I don't know where to ask this but here it goes:
    Is Stellar "functional"? I'm barelly can read the code of simpliest python programs, and want to ask, if its suitable to use Stellar in the current state to learning how a .py is supose to be construct.
    And that said, it is possible to use any Game Maker tutorials to learn how to use Stellar leaving aside the scripting part?

    Thanks for your effort and time : )

  2. By the moment Stellar is not ready to work. We are finishing the object and room GUI for creating the games.
    When this is ready, you will be able to use Game Maker tutorials since the workflow and options will be basically the same.

    Thanks for your interest!

  3. Seems promissing, I'll keep track of this project...and maybe, sometime in the future I can help with it. For the time I'll keep messing with CC and Python Scripting, trying to understand. But at the first oportunity I try Stellar, something about it captured my interest.

    ps. Sorry for the baaad english haha

  4. Can Stellar be compiled by tools like pyinstallar and cxfreeze?

  5. @Vinícius: we are planning to compile it using py2exe or something like this, to create executable for windows user, who doesn't have Python installed.